Remote live video viewing, vehicle location and speed…all at the convenience of your desk.

Built for the unexpected

It’s All About Your Security and Safety

Ventra provide fleets with the essential tools for Safety, Security and Fleet Management. Our vehicle camera systems are ready to be deployed globally and allow organizations to stay connected via the cloud.

Leveraging the advancement of IoT, Ventra has built one of the world’s most robust SaaS platform for cloud Video TeleMatics solution.

Always on the job

Ventra vehicle cameras automatically record when the vehicle starts. All information are saved locally on system’s internal storage such as SD card or HDD.

With our next generation video telematics solution, organizations can rest assured that crucial aspects of the fleet are recorded and relevant information are automatically uploaded / stored in the cloud for ease of access.

Cloud Access

Important information are automatically uploaded and stored on VentraCloud for 30 days. Event video clip (20 seconds), daily vehicle events, vehicle on/off status and GPS location with history search.

With Ventra’s intelligent technology, data usage is minimized as only event video clips are uploaded and saved to the cloud. Regular (Normal videos) reside on the camera’s local storage and can be remotely downloaded or viewed via VentraCloud.

Still Have


We’d love to talk to you more about our cloud based options. Ventra systems can be utilized as standalone vehicle recorder, or subscribe to the optional cloud service for live viewing, event video upload and Telematics Solution.